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Item Description
Price / Each
Mylar Instructions for use.
.0015 x 24" x 75 ft Clear; This is the normal heat shrink Mylar with iron on adhesive that is commonly used on free flight and radio control models. Now very popular on many electric models. Instructions.
.001 x 32" x 25 ft
Silver metalized film [NEW]
This is some kind of tough film, but I cannot identify it as it is not a commmon film. NOT DUPONT MYLAR.

Carbon Fiber Pulltrusions

These are about 50% epoxy and are running about 350,000 psi.

Solid Rod .018-.020 dia x 36" 0.5 grams weight
Solid Rod .021-.026 dia x 36" 1.0 grams weight
Solid Rod .056-.065 dia x 36" 3.2 grams weight
Solid Rod .078-.083 dia x 36" 4.0 grams weight. Can be threaded for 2-56 pushrods.
Solid Rod .185-190 dia x 36" 26 grams weight
Hollow Tube .125 O.D. x .070 I.D. x 36" 6.7 grams weight
Hollow Tube .196 O.D. x .120 I.D. x 36" 16.6 grams weight, Big Push rods, Electric model wing spars
Hollow Tube .240 O.D. x .145 I.D. x 36" 28.3 grams, Real big push rods, leading edges
Rectangle 0.019 x .118 x 36" 2.1 grams, Great spar caps on wings up to about 75"
Rectangle 0.034 x .121 x 36" 3.5 grams, Spar caps on big wings; on edge spars for foamy electronics"
Rectangle 0.040 x .170 x 36" 5.8 grams, Great spar caps on bigger wings
Rectangle 0.057 x .177 x 36" 8.9 grams, Spar caps on wings over 120"
Rectangle 0.092 x .220 x 36" 17 grams, On edge spars for blue fan fold wings and other big projects

Handmade Ultra Light Tubes

About 40% epoxy should be near 450,000 psi

Straight tube .195 O.D. x 165 I.D. x 30 " 6.55 grams
Straight tube .280 O.D. x .240 I.D. x 36" 16.3 grams
Kevlar Cloth
Kevlar Cloth 38" x 36"
Already cut and packaged. No larger sizes available.
176 grams/yard. Left overs from the 1980s. I just found this way back on the top shelf. About 30 packages left in stock.

Flourescent Dye Pigments

Will mix 16 oz of paint. Not water-based.

Flourescent Dye Pigment

Dry pigment to be mixed into your thinner and clear finish. Works best when sprayed onto a white translucent surface. Choose from ORANGE or YELLOW. Instructions





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